Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Podcasts I Listen To

Keeping me informed, entertained, and sane during my daily commute.

This is what I listen to

Back To Work
Good show about working efficiently, presentations, planning, heavily inspired by Getting Things Done

The Command Line Podcast
Tech news, interviews, creative commons culture, monologues

Stanford Entrepeneurship Corner
Lectures by entrepeneurs, lots of them in the dot-com sector

Engadget Podcast
Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets

Futures in Biotech
Every episode has a specific theme in biotech. Interviews with great people. 

Floss Weekly
Every week interview with leader of an open source project. 

Hacker Public Radio
Random bits

Linux Outlaws
Linux news and views, great banter, rants are epic

The Naked Scientists
Science news, question of the week, kitchen science projects

The MythTV Cast
News, tips, and tricks for MythTV, the PVR software we run at home

NPR Planet Money
Basically Freakonomics in a weekly show, e.g. find economics in Gangnam Style

Peach and Black Podcast
All things Prince. News, reviews of albums

NPR Science Friday
Weekly science show

Security Now
Probably my favorite show: propeller-head descriptions of the basics of crypto, how the internet works, security news, Q&A, with excursions into latest finds in Scifi etc.

The Vergecast
Tech, gadgets. Hosted by the former Engadget editor in chief.

This Week in Science
Pretty much says it all

This Week In Startups
Great show, interviews with entrepreneurs and investors, news.

This Week in Tech
Roundtable discussions of the news

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
The famous news quiz

This is what I watch
no ... I don't watch and drive :)

The Ben Heck Show
Building stuff, modding

Engadget Show
Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets

On the Verge
Tech, gadgets, in a talk show format, with great interviews, reviews, and discussions

Geekbeat TV
Gadgets, tech news

Make TV
Making, building


Evers Staat Op

Edit Nov 5, 2012: 

Added Planet Money, The Vergecast, On the Verge, This Week in Startups